About Rajesh Oza

We have often heard of sighted people helping the blind. But this is the great reverse as where blind precedes over the visionaries in enlighting their thoughts.

Welcome to the world of Rajesh Oza where eyes are precious but the knowledge and chess vision is also important.

Mr Rajesh Oza was born on 17th May 1977. Rajesh had normal eyesight till the age of 15. Due to complications arising out of a cataract operation he lost his vision. After loosing his eyesight it was difficult for him to continue his studies. Soon he took to his favourite pastime chess. His achievements have shadowed the grim side of his life. He conquers the sighted with his cunning moves on the chess board. He has carved the niche for himself in the world of chess.

Rajesh began taking lessons of chess from Mr.Joseph D'Souza. He strived hard under the guidance of Mr.D'souza and came up with flying colours by clinching the National 'A' championship thrice. Oza had created a history by becoming the first totally blind player in the 20-year history of the sport (blind chess) in India to win the National 'A' title for the visually impaired in Mumbai. He is the first blind player in India to attend FIDE international rating. On his path to success he was the first blind player to win the national blind title in 2002. His victory in the national 'A' championship opened new vistas for him to participate in international tournament. He scored the highest-ever by an Indian in the Istambul world individual championship. He represented India in the 10th chess individual World championship for the blind and visually impaired which was held at Istambull Turkey in 2002. He is the only blind player in India to beat a Super Grand Master Pandela Harikrishna in 2003(Simultaneous Exhibition). He has represented India's blind team in the Olympaid, Asian championship and World championship. He represented India in the 12th Chess Olympaid for the blind (Team Championship) as captain which was held in Tarragaon, Spain from 4th Nov 2004 to 14th Nov 2004. He was selected for Individual World Chess Championship held in Goa in the year 2006.He represented India in the 13th Olympaid for the blind and visually impaired (Team championship) as captain which was held at Rette,Greece between 18th Oct to 29th Oct 2008. He was selected for Individual World Chess Championship held in Serbia(Belgrade) in the year 2011.Winner of the national Chess Championship conducted by All India Chess federation for the blind. He is the winner of All India Chess Tournament held by Nashik , Pune, Goa.He was selected for Central Maharashtra Selection Tournament thrice for state. He is awarded with Chirag Award in Sports category.


About Academy

Rajesh Oza Chess Academy is one of the leading chess Academy in Pune. It was established in the year 2004. He opened up his 1st branch at Rasta Peth. Subsequently the second branch was started in Wanowarie in 2007. Thirdly he opened his branch at Salisbury park in 2008. Lastly a branch was opened up in Kalyani Nagar.

We have batches for Beginners / Basic, Intermediate players, Rank Advanced players and Advanced Players . According to Rajesh Oza, Chess helps children for development of concentration, increases grasping power. It exercises the brain, it helps in personal development, it gives children the power of decision making.We mould students by coaching them from Basic to International level.Some of them have been selected for State and National level. Many of our students have reached upto International level.Our students participate in almost all tournaments conducted in Pune, District,State and National level.

Our Academy has conducted various tournaments for blind from District to National level. We also conduct Tournaments for the sighted to give them opportunity to prove their skills.

Regular,special and general batches throughout the year

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Tournament preparation
  • Simultaneous exhibition
  • International Rating
  • Advance Training
  • Special coaching

The Benefits of Chess

  • Planning
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Discipline

Cognitive Benefits:

Chess has long been regarded as a game that can have beneficial effects on learning on development, especially when it is played from a young age. Below are some of the most critical benefits that chess can provide to a child.

  • Develop analytical, synthetic and decision making skills, which they can transfer to real life.
  • Learn to engage in deep and thorough chess research which will help them build their confidence in their ability to do academic research.
  • Help children gain insights into the nature of competition which will help them in any competitive endeavor.
  • When youngsters play chess they must call upon higher order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences and visualize future possibilities.
  • In countries where chess is offered widely in schools, students exhibit excellence in the ability to recognize complex patterns and consequently excel in maths and science.

Chess in many ways is like life itself. It's all condensed in a playful manner in a game format and it's extremely fascinating because first of all I'm in control of my own destiny, I'm in charge. You have to be responsible for your actions , you must make a move, you had better think ahead about what's going to happen not after it happens, because then it's too late. Chess teaches discipline from a very early age. It teaches you to have a plan and to plan ahead. If you do that you'll be rewarded, if you break the rules you'll get punished in life & in chess. You need to learn the rules to break the rules. Life is chess play it to win it.

Shining Stars

  • Harshwardhan Oza

    Harshwardhan Oza with Kapil Dev

  • Sabir Memon

    He is Khare 'C' Champion.He was selected for Central Maharashtra Chess Tournament for state in 2008.Rated Player.Rating:1998 year 2008.

  • Gaurav Khetre

    Totally Blind and deaf.He is Rated Player.Rating:1541 year 2009

  • Chaitanya P.J.S

    Chaitanya P.J.S taking award from Grandmaster Pravin Thipse.He is Rated Player.Rating:1707 year 2010

  • Atul Pendse

    Selected for Central Maharashtra Chess Tournament for state 2008.He is Rated Player.Rating:1736.

  • Kush Pipada

    Classical Rating:1272.Rapid Rating:1371.

  • Kevin Shah

    He is Rated Player.Rating:1342 year 2013

  • Rushit Palesha

    He is Rated Player.Rating:1276 year 2014

  • Sahil Khose

    2014 District Champion under-7.Selected for National 2014.Classical Rating:1332,Rapid:1211,Blitz:1203 year 2014

  • Tanish Bafna

    Classical Rating:1265,Rapid:1262,Blitz:1242,year 2016

  • Niyati Bafna

    Under 13: Girls Selected for state.Classical Rating:1348 year 2015

  • Dishan Porwal

    Classical Rating:1191,Rapid:1169,Blitz:1136 year 2016

  • Rohan Bogawat

    Classical Rating:1397,Rapid:1362,year 2016

  • Sham Suryawanshi

    Classical Rating:1417 year 2016

  • Yash Khose

    Classical Rating:1230,Rapid:1092,Blitz:1078 year 2015

  • Omkar Shelke

    Classical Rating:1548,Rapid:1426,Blitz:1470 year 2014

  • Shobha Lokhande

    First Blind Woman Rated Player in India.National Champion in 2004,Represented India in Greece and Spain, Awarded Abdul Kalam Award 2005,Rated Player.Rating:1560 year 2008.

Rajeshirke Satyajeet:

He is Rated Player.Rating: 1715 year 2009.

Course Details Our Courses

Weekly Classes :

Salisbury Park Sat - Sun 10 am - 1 pm
Viman Nagar Sat - Sun 9.30 am - 10.30 am
Kalyaninagar Sat - Sun 11 am - 12 pm
Undri Mon & Wed 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Special Classes :

Special Classes are taken from Monday to Friday in between 2 pm - 9 pm - for details call us

Summer Camp

Learn from the Top Master and coaches.

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My son was one of the first students of R.C.A. classes in Salisbury park.Starting with one batch of around 7 kids, Sir has 4-5 batches in one class.Around 25 children in each batch. Sir being so kind, helpful, generous and patient has made this possible in a period of just 4 years.His teaching is excellent. Along with it his effective encouraging and efficient attitude, My son Kevin doesn't want to miss a single class of his.Madam is also very nice, polite and helpful, Sir and Madam both are handling this academy very nicely and efficiently. My best wishes will always be with them. Thank you sir and madam for all your efforts.
Mr. Kaushik Shah
My Son started from Basic Course. Rajesh Sir has put lots of efforts, personal attention due to which my child has reached National level. He is very encouraging and provides solutions to every problem in very different way. There is lot of improvement in my child's development. Thanks to Rajesh Sir. Keep it on !!
Dr. Smita Khose
Rushit has joined Rajesh Oza Chess Academy 3 years back. Due to excellent teaching Rushit has won lots of awards. He loves going to the class and don't want to miss any of the session. His Confident level has also increased.

Mrs. Kavita Palesha
Rajesh Sir was Personal coach of Chaitanya. There are no words for his teaching it is just excellent. We are really satisfied with his teaching. Thanks for his efforts which he has put for Chaitanya.
Mr. Someshwaram
Rajesh Oza is one of the best player in Pune. His ability of teaching chess to the students is fabulous. His experience and guidance helped me enormously in achieving my international rating in chess.
Mr. Sabir Memon
Excellent teaching. Very hardworking person i have ever seen in my life. No words to express thanks to Sir.

Shobha Lokhande
Krrisha is going to Rajesh Oza Chess Academy from 3 years.Due to chess she has increased concentration power and also has benefits in her studies.Rajesh Sir is inspiration for students.He teaches from heart.
Mrs.Seema Nahar
My Daughter enjoys the chess sessions.Her imagination power has been increased.Sir teaches chess very nicely.

Mrs.Aditi Bishwas
Chess has given benefit to my Son in studies especially analytical subjects like Maths and Science.There is Systematic teaching in the Academy and my son enjoys it a lot.
Mr.Prashant Pungaliya.
I was in Sixth when I first joined the Rajesh Oza Chess Academy.Through the years I have developed a lot as Chess Player as well as became a lot more patient.I have won many medals & trophies & was also named the "Undefeated Champion" in a tournament.Thanks to Oza Sir. The class has given me a lot which not only includes improvement in chess but also true friendship with the chess pieces. Now that I am in 12th I've stopped attending the classes regularly but I do meet Sir sometimes.It has developed my concentration power & ....If I could turn the wheel of time I would definitely attend Sir's classes.No Doubt.
Romil Sonigra.

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